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Hi I'm Joshua

I have a passion for helping people achieve their dreams. one of the hardest parts of reaching your dreams is living life, not working to live.

So I have built this site to help guide you on the path to finacial freedom so you can follow your passions.

Joshua Kirshbaum at a cafe in harlem, NYC

Are You Still Struggling To Make Money Online?

I’ve put together this free E-book that reveals everything That You’ll Need To build an an audience and start making money online….!!!


I have taken a lot of really great courses over the years. Some better then others. Below are a few really great courses that can make a real difference on how you grow your online persona and build that passive income.

Youtube Mastery

Join Matt, and learn how he Runs 9 Different Profitable YouTube Channels and Make 6 Figures From Them

Matt teaches you strategies for building YouTube channels from scratch. He breaks down how he starts YouTube channels and grows them to 500,000 subscribers in just one year.

DFY Affiliate Marketing

How to Turn Your Spare Time Into a Profitable Online Business During the Current Pandemic...

On The Training You’ll Discover...

BYE 9 to 5

Learn The Exact Secret Formula Jordan Uses To Make 6 Figures On His 4 YouTube Channels Without Showing His Face

Are you interested in starting or scaling a YouTube channel, without having to show your face or become a YouTuber?

Do you want to increase your revenue, freedom, and become your own boss?

A Proven System To Start And Succeed On Youtube Without Being A Youtuber, Spending Money,Or Working Long Hors.

Super Affiliate System

"How to Earn a 6-Figure Side-Income Online"

On The Training You’ll Discover...

The Super Affiliate System is a whole lot of vibe; it contains everything you need to become a successful affiliate marketer.


Whether you are a beginner, or you’ve gained a level of mastery in affiliate marketing, I recommend this training for you as there is always something to learn beyond what the eyes can meet.


John is an excellent teacher and provides you with a simple guide on becoming excellent at what you do.

The Profit Fastlane


Here's Jonathan Reaching His Best Day!
(He Made $128,405 Using Our Simple 2 Step Method

Ebus VIP, Done For You Service


Discover the X-Method For Generating a Ton of Sales with Zero Investment on Traffic, Inventory or Store ( Urgent Update)

Let me know what you think of the items above!

Each of the items above has been used by clients of mine who are hoping to build out their online portfolios and build a passive income.

I would love to hear your thoughts on theses products and keep in touch about your status.

Jump onto my Consulting page and let me know how everything goes!